Coussoulis Arena

Restrooms, Telephone & Water

Restrooms are located immediately inside the main arena. A public telephone is located in the lobby of the arena and in the Physical Education building directly across the arena. Water fountains are located inside the arena.

No water bottles, beverages or food except for medical reasons are allowed in the arena. Strollers and balloons need to be checked in the arena lobby. This policy is strictly enforced because of safety concerns.

Blowhorns and other noisemakers are not allowed inside arena as a courtesy to other guests.

Emergency Personnel

An Advanced Life Support Unit (paramedics and ambulance) will be on-site during the ceremonies. The paramedics will be stationed by the southern entrance of the arena floor. In case of emergency contact campus police inside the arena.

Lost and Found

Lost/Found and Information tables are located in the arena lobby.


There is no ATM machine in the arena.